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Business has changed, but it still starts with a handshake.

At CIBPA of Niagara, we believe that, despite the influence of social media, real connections—the authentic, meaningful relationships that secure deals, build portfolios, attract clientele, and boost one's margins—are still cultivated face-to-face in physical settings. Anyone can friend, follow, tweet, and like an individual or organization online, but if you're serious about growing your business, about expanding your reach and strengthening your services across the Niagara region, then our association might be the perfect fit for you.

As a collective of dedicated, motivated professionals, we are driven by community, commerce, and culture. We believe in the value of interconnectivity and of meeting, dining, and networking with like-minded people committed to success. Our casual and formal functions allow new and seasoned members to share their stories, discuss their experiences, and find exciting, innovative ways to mutually benefit one another's practices.

Whether you're an investor, aesthetician, a realtor, student, or lawyer, if you're part of CIBPA, you're family. As a non-profit organization, we pride ourselves on providing our members with exclusive rewards, benefits, and opportunities to optimize your trade. Our expansive network comprised of elite, savvy professionals is strongly connected to institutions, enterprises, and companies across Ontario, Canada, the U.S., and Italy. When business presents a locked door, then, we offer the key.

Many people ask us, "What's in it for me? Why should I join CIBPA?" Our answer is: "Why shouldn't you?" For just $150 a year, CIBPA of Niagara ensures that you, as a professional or entrepreneur, are automatically connected to thousands of contacts in and beyond Niagara. Both online and in-person, we are devoted to advertising and marketing your services to CIBPA of Niagara members and partners throughout our community. Our enriching and entertaining networking events--held in Niagara's top eateries and venues--facilitate quality, fun interaction and face time with real people wanting to learn more about and support your local practice.

Of course, we can't promise that CIBPA of Niagara is for everyone. We like to recruit members who are serious about professional development and want to work towards fostering a cohesive community of leaders. Growing a business takes effort and time, and we'll be by your side all the while. Your annual membership, then, is not simply a worthy investment in your business, but a valuable investment in yourself, as well.

Our mission is to augment growth asset across the Niagara peninsula and, through that development, we hope to facilitate lasting connections and friendships, all of which begin with that first handshake.

If you're interested in learning more about CIBPA of Niagara, please contact us at / 905.371.1869 to request a free, no-obligation Members' Welcome Package. Grazie!

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