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Purpose and Objectives


Despite initial hardship upon immigration, the Italians of Niagara not only survived but thrived. Canadian-Italians continue to succeed because of their unwavering work ethic and dedication to the growth of commerce, community, and family. CIBPA Niagara wants to celebrate these valuable qualities and pay homage to our Italian heritage by bringing together professionals to create a vast network of invaluable connections, which spans the entire country.

Our objective is to provide ample opportunity for Canadian-Italian students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to succeed in today's increasingly competitive economy and labor force. CIPBA Niagara dedicates its time, resources, and funds to local, national, and international initiatives, while offering marketing and advertising services, along with growth asset opportunities, to its many members. Through networking, social events, and fundraising, we hope to inspire motivated community partners from across Niagara to continue promoting Italian culture and commerce. In particular, the goals of CIBPA Niagara are:

- Strengthen Canadian-Italian business ties, and appreciation for Italian heritage and culture;

- Foster the union, connectivity, and collaboration of Canadian-Italian professionals in Niagara;

- Encourage partnership with various local and national organizations;

- Dialogue with government officials to benefit Canadian-Italian communities and businesses;

- Foster networking opportunities, cultural and social events, and professional growth functions;

- Maintain a visible, leadership role in community affairs;

- Partner with CIBPA National to facilitate more contact with provincial and national businesses 

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