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What does CIBPA Niagara bring to YOU?  What do members receive?

Our members receive:

  • Increased business and clientele

  • Rewards, benefits, perks, incentives, exclusive offers, and discounts from other businesses

  • Meaningful, enriching professional networking opportunities with professionals across Niagara

  • FREE exposure, marketing, promotional work, and advertising on all social media platforms

  • Beneficial mentorship and employment opportunities for seasoned and young members

  • Exciting activities and community events

  • Ongoing professional development, training, and learning opportunities in many fields

  • Community involvement and partnership to celebrate and preserve Italian culture in Canada

  • Entertaining, worthwhile, and transformative experiences that enhance your quality of life


What can YOU bring to CIBPA Niagara?

  • Your established and trusted name, business(es), and services;

  • Your knowledge, expertise, and ambition in any line of work;

  • Incentives, benefits, perks, and discounts for fellow members to support your business;

  • Advice, wisdom, leadership skills, and management experience;

  • Professionalism, creativity, and a strong desire for business growth and community development;

  • Dedication to the preservation and celebration of Italian heritage, culture, and events;

  • Participation in beneficial and transformative functions, including networking opportunities;

  • Original contribution to the maintenance and operation of a non-profit, business organization;

  • Numerical strength and membership growth across the Niagara Region;

  • Your ideas and opinions on economic, political, social, and cultural issues in our community;

  • Your perspectives on ethical business practices and community engagement;

  • Partnership in the form of event sponsorship and prize donations;

  • Your network of connections, both professional and personal;

  • Your general support for the longevity of an Italian-Canadian association and its work


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