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Where does my money go? How does it help CIBPA Niagara?


Your annual membership renewal fee (and initiation fee for new members) helps CIBPA Niagara:


- Organize and set up our professional networking, cultural, and social events;

- Provide deserving students with academic scholarships to attend post-secondary institutions;

- Cover venue booking costs, event insurance, and rental equipment expenses;

- Pay wages for part-time office staff;

- Purchase liquor licenses and hire bartending or wait staff for CIBPA Niagara functions;

- Pay for print materials (i.e., event posters) and office supplies (i.e., cards, letters, toner, paper);

- Locate and hire performers, bands, and guest speakers for CIBPA Niagara events;

- Contribute charitable donations (i.e., disaster relief funds for the victims of Italian earthquakes)

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