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The Canadian Italian Professional Association (CIBPA) provides social networking and growth asset for the Canadian-Italian members.




Those who are longtime members of CIBPA, membership has become an essential part of everyday business life as well as a means of making a positive social contribution to the community.



The truth is that joining an association such as CIBPA is not like buying a consumer good; there is no clear cut manner in which you can establish its market value or cost benefit ratio but some of the benifits of being a part of CIBPA is:


Networking is the business catch phrase of our times. CIBPA provides you with an opportunity to network with members in all sorts of professions.


CIBPA events not only provide excellent networking opportunities but aim to be informative and educational.


The first CIBPA was founded in Montreal in 1949. Since then chapters have been formed throughout Canada. CIBPA chapters now exist in Niagara, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Calgary, Halifax, Regina, Sault Ste Marie, Winnipeg and Vancouver.


Our association through its Education Awards Program helps young students of italian origin in financial need to further their studies. Moreover, CIBPA participates in other various activites for the benefit of our community.








Our mission is to unite the Canadian Italian Business and Professional communities across Niagara, to promote more business interaction among Canadian Italians throughout the Niagara Region. CIBPA Niagara also serves to provide a stronger and more influential voice for the Canadian Italian Business and Professional community in our nation’s decision-making process.


CIBPA Niagara has been formed to allow business/professional and cultural people, from various fields, an opportunity to gather together and interact with one another.  CIBPA Niagara will pursue a strengthening of the Canadian Italian business people while maintaining and strengthening Italian heritage and culture.  In particular the goals of CIBPA Niagara will be:


  • Promote the unification of the Canadian Italian businesses, professionals, and cultural persons in their activities throughout the Niagara Peninsula


  • Expose Canadian communities to the unique Italian culture and heritage through the eyes of CIBPA Niagara


  • Work in harmony and together with various local Niagara organizations


  • Establish a dialogue with all levels of government to influence programs for the benefit of the local Canadian Italian business communities at large


  • Presentation of business, education, and cultural seminars/events


  • Maintain a business leadership role in community affairs


  • Foster networking between: business people, professionals and cultural activities in the Niagara Peninsula


  • Provide a forum to work with CIBPA the National Federation, to facilitate better contact with provincial and national businesses/professionals and cultural organizations








It was February, 2000 when the idea of a Niagara chapter of the Canadian Italian Business & Professional Association first came to Lillo Puma, Italian Vice Consul in Niagara Falls.  


Puma then hand selected a small group of local Italian businessmen and they began meeting every second week in his office in Niagara Falls.  They held their first public meeting in June with more than seventy five Italian businessmen enthusiastic about the new CIBPA chapter.  They formed a steering committee with Dan Finora as chapter President.  November saw the first dinner meeting at Club Italia with Royal Bank as the speaker and the first financial sponsor.  By year end, CIBPA Niagara was incorporated and it began the new year as an official association with monthly dinner meetings.  


CIBPA Niagara is now in it’s thirteenth year of operation with over 170 members across the peninsula.  This organization prides itself on providing a business forum for all Italian businesses.

CIPBA Niagara recognizes and celebrates outstanding and successful Canadian-Italian individuals at the Annual CIBPA Awards of Excellence Gala and honours top achievers in their fields.  It has also established a CIPBA Niagara Education Awards program which has awarded $133,000 since 2002 to 80 students of Italian descent or to those furthering Italian studies who went on to attend post-secondary education.  CIBPA Niagara has also supported local charities in the Niagara Region such as Wellspring Niagara, Breast Screening Program at the three local hospitals the cardiac unit at the St. Catharines Hospital and the Bethlehem Projects of Niagara.


Mission Statement

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